Careers with arms and oil corporations should not be advertised to students without balanced information – Varsity Online

The Careers Service commented that “it is not for the Careers service to act as censor nor to make value judgements about specific employers and/or labour market areas.”Louis Ashworth

Barely a sentence into my interview at The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), I was asked whether I was comfortable working in an organisation that experimented on animals. I was surprised but I nodded, telling them what they would want to hear – “If it saves the lives of humans, sure thing.”

The room I waited in before my interview was decorated with intricate models of fighter jets and unrecognisable (but distinctly militaristic) equipment. A stereotypical eight-year-old boy – including myself – would have been thrilled by the sight of them.

Looking back, I’m appalled at myself. I now abhor the thought of joining the ‘defence’ industry – that my value as an employee could boil down