Saudi Arabia takes another step in development of domestic arms industry – Middle East Monitor

Saudi Arabia has taken another step in its long-held ambition to develop a domestic arms industry. An agreement has been signed in Riyadh between government officials and industry bosses that will see the Kingdom reach one of its key objectives.

The deal between the Saudi General Directorate of the Border Guard and the Military Industries Corporation (MIC) will see a new vehicle, known as the Dahna, being built in the country.

“The Dahna has undergone all the standard motor tests according to international classifications,” explained the head of MIC, Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Madi. “It is a multi-tasking, four-wheel-drive vehicle compatible with all conditions and specifications for military use.”

Commenting on the achievement, the Director-General of the Border Guards, Lieutenant General Awad Bin Eid Al-Balawi, said that the project will play a major role in the development of the matrix of armoured vehicles for the border guards. “It will provide training for operators, technicians and trainers in line with the requirements of the next phase in accordance with the highest standards. Those standards aim at raising the efficiency and qualification of border guards to perform their tasks efficiently in effective partnership with national institutions.”

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Saudi Arabia has long-held ambitions to develop a domestic arms industry. The Kingdom is the largest importer of weapons, accounting for 12 per-cent of global arms sales. It also has the highest defence