Time for the gun industry and NRA to accept blame for violence in America – Chicago Sun-Times

As America seeks answers to gun violence, the gun industry should be in our nation’s sights.

A study released last week by the Center for American Progress details how the gun lobby over decades has insulated itself from responsibility for the 40,000 people who are shot and killed in the U.S. each year. As a result, guns keep flowing onto the streets, leading to deaths and exacerbating tensions between police and communities.

Since 2013, Chicago police have recovered more than 7,000 guns used in crimes.

This has to stop.

Both manufacturers and gun dealers could play a huge role in making America safer. Gun dealers could do more to keep guns out of criminal hands. Manufacturers could insist dealers adopt safer practices. Gunmakers could design guns that thieves or children can’t fire easily.

They could think about something besides making money.

Instead, the gun lobby continues to peddle the discredited narrative that it is not its products, but criminals alone, that are the problem.

No one should be falling for that anymore. If you carelessly put firearms in the hands of criminals, you are also helping to pull the trigger.

“The gun debate has focused on the demand side of the problem and on the individuals who end up using guns,” said Chelsea Parsons, CAP vice president for gun prevention policy. People simply don’t understand the shadowy role the gun industry plays in the background.

The CAP study documents many