How British-made sniper rifles ended up in Yemen, Syria, and Ukraine – bellingcat

A note about the UK Arms project: This article forms part of a series of investigations that will look at UK arms exports. It has been produced by Bellingcat, Lighthouse Reports and their media partners, Sky News and The Guardian. Investigators involved were Leone Hadavi, Benjamin Strick, Annique Mossou, Pieter van Huis, Eric Woods, Ross Higgins and Ludo Hekman. Part one, featured here, will look at sniper rifles sold by a UK arms company. Part two will focus on equipment used by US police at recent Black Lives Matter protests, while part three will explore the sale of recoilless rifles used by Saudi Arabia in the ongoing Yemen conflict.

While the UK is renowned for big ticket arms exports such as the EF Typhoon and Tornado fighter jets, it also has a thriving light-weapons industry. 

These reports will look to see where UK-made small arms end up and whether, in granting licenses for such sales, the UK is living up to its claim of having strict and rigorous arms export controls. 

These investigations are part of the larger EU Arms project initiated by Lighthouse Reports, which looks to document and track how EU-manufactured weapons are used. The project has set-up newsrooms in eight major arms exporting countries and, thus far, investigated close to 100 export agreements. You can read more about the EUArms project here.

The Record Breaking Sniper Rifle

Accuracy International (AI), a British based firearms manufacturer has made a name for itself selling sniper rifles around the