Israel Has Taken Delivery Of Its Most Capable Warship Ever – The Drive

The Israeli Navy has officially welcomed to its fleet the first Sa’ar 6 class missile corvette, the INS Magen, which it describes as its “newest and most advanced ship yet.” The warship will provide Israel with a major boost in its ability to project naval power out into the Mediterranean and maybe even beyond.

The flag transfer ceremony on November 11, 2020, took place at Kiel in northern Germany where the first ship was built by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems over a three-year period. Magen is the first of four in its class being built for the Israeli Navy. The corvette is due to arrive in Israel in December, after a period of training off the German coast.  

Israel signed the contract for the four new corvettes in May 2015 and construction is being handled jointly by German Naval Yards Holdings and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Work on the future INS Magen began in February 2018 and the ship was launched 15 months later. An official naming ceremony for INS Magen took place in Kiel in May 2019.

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems

The future INS Magen nearing completion.

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems

INS Magen under construction in the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems yard.