Canada’s New Frigate Will Be Brimming With Missiles – The Drive

The Royal Canadian Navy’s future Canadian Surface Combatants, frigates derived from BAE System’s Type 26 design for the U.K. Royal Navy, are set to have an impressive and particularly diverse missile armament for warships of their size. This includes Sea Ceptor, RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile, and Standard Missile 2 surface-to-air missiles for close-in, point, and area air and cruise missile defense respectively, as well as Naval Strike Missiles for engaging surface targets. Most notably, an official Canadian infographic says the ships will carry variants of the Tomahawk cruise missile, a weapon that the United States has only ever exported to the United Kingdom. 

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was first to report on the new details about the Canadian Surface Combatant’s (CSC) armament on Nov. 9, 2020, after noticing the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) infographic. The Canadian government had first announced that the Type 26-based design, pitched by a team led by BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin, was its “preferred” bid for the CSC competition in 2018. The Canadian government intends to buy 15 CSCs to replace its existing 12 Halifax class frigates, the first of which began entering service in the early 1990s.

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