COLUMN: Ruger .357 rifle sounds like a worthy one to give a try – Cody Enterprise

Did you know that Ruger makes a bolt action rifle chambered in .357 Magnum? I didn’t. I knew there were a few bolt action rifle and carbines out there in .44 magnum, including a Ruger bolt action, but .357? Frankly, it just never occurred to me that Ruger would build one chambered in .357. But then again, why not?

I was aware of Marlin’s lever action, model 94 carbine and Rossi’s model 92 Winchester lever action clone in .357, having owned a few over the years. They are one of the handiest and most fun carbines around. More importantly to a poor boy, they can be accurate, deadly on critters up to medium-sized big game under 200 yards, and compared to most standard chambered rifles, are inexpensive to shoot, especially if you cast your bullets and reload.

I understand the Italians make a clone of the Winchester model 1873