U.S. Army releases new ‘market survey’ in anticipation of light tank production – defence-blog.com

The U.S. Army this week released what it calls a “market survey” for companies interested in manufacturing new light tanks.

A market survey published Feb. 12 on the U.S. government’s main contracting website seeks the capability to manufacture future additional quantities of Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) production vehicles.

Within the program, the Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems (PEO GCS), Project Manager Mobile Protected Firepower (PM MPF) is conducting a market survey to collect written information from industry in determining current market manufacturing capability to produce MPF vehicles and provide STS.


The MPF system provides early entry forces a mobile, protected, direct fire capability to apply immediate, lethal, long-range fires in the engagement of armored vehicles, hardened enemy fortifications, dismounted personnel and represents a long-term solution to the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) capability.

The MPF system characteristics include the following:

  • Tracked vehicle with a minimum crew of three soldiers (commander, gunner, and driver);
  • Crew protection from small arms, heavy machine gun, overhead artillery, underbelly mine, side improvised explosive device (IED), and kinetic energy (KE) threats; utilizing ammunition available in the Department of Defense (DoD) inventory, a main gun applying precise, lethal, long-range fire;
  • Vehicle capable of performing while on the move, in day, night, and all-weather conditions;
  • Sufficient platform speed and mobility to successfully keep pace with other vehicles in the formation;
  • Communications system, which permits the simultaneous ability to transmit or receive both